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CNC Milling

Rons is a professional CNC company provide precision CNC milling service with advanced milling centers form 3-, 4-, to 5- axis, we offer global custom CNC milling parts for various industries. Our precision3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC milling centers and experienced team guarantee our advanced CNC capacity, we can handle all your CNC milling projects smoothly from design, prototyping, producing to final transportation. With strong capabilities and extensive experiences, we can provide top-grade but cost-effective custom CNC milling services from China including 3-axis CNC milling and 5-axis milling for high-speed CNC manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and precision CNC milling and turning. Our high-quality milled products are involved in field of automation design, machinery milling, medical equipment, lighting parts machining, etc.


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Gas cylinder machine manufacturer
Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

How CNC Milling Work

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process. It starts by fixturing a block of metal or plastic materials inside CNC milling machine. The CNC milling machine will transfer CAD model file in to CNC readable program–G code, which is used to program CNC machine rapidly mill our parts from raw material blocks. Our 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines are equipped with different tool-sets in order to maximize production efficiency and speed.

CNC Milling Process

CNC milling process is controlled by a specialized computer, which increase reliability and repeat-ability regardless potential human error. At Runsom, our automatic tool changers can encompass drilling, boring, counter boring, counter sinking, profiling, cutting, reaming, threading, tapping and other operations complete in same setup. We can produce almost any shape CNC components with various tooling and ingenuity in professional milling centers. CNC parts dimensions and features decide multiple axis machine selection, a single setup with complex geometry will ensure components accuracy.


Multi-axis milling needs complex, skillful, and meticulous programming, precision 3D CAD file will reduce our quoting and programming time. Element as tolerance, surface finishes, part size, tooling, and material properties will affect quotation directly.

Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

Rons Advantages of CNC Milling

Cost Efficient

Most aspects and mechanical parts can be CNC milled within minutes or seconds by optimizing tool paths and special cutting tools. With automatic programming, CNC milling is most cost efficient for both low and high volume production comparing with additive manufacturing.

Materials & Finishes Options

We provide more than 50 types plastic and metal block with different specifications for CNC milling. In addition, different surface finishing is available for milling parts, such as painting, anodizing and chroming. This will combine function and appearance process greatly.

Complexity Requirement

Our multi-axis milling machines can create CNC milling components with complex shapes by approaching work-piece form different angles. Especially for irregular shapes.

Custom Surface Finishes

You can select various surface finishes on solid metal and plastic parts from precise design specifications. We provide different surface finishes such as standard machined, smoothed, bead blasted, anodized clear or color, anodized hard-coat, power coated, electropolished, black oxide, chromate conversion coating, brushing.

+/- 0.0005’’Tolerance

Our minimum tolerance of milled parts has achieved +/-0.0001’’, as our typical tolerance is +/-0.0005’’, this will vary due to component size and material types.

CNC Milling Materials

CNC Milling Metals

CNC aluminum machining is our main part of Runsom CNC service catalog, we also provide CNC milling for various metals, such as steel, stainless steel,magnesium, brass,copper, bronze, titanium, zinc and nickel alloy. Sterling Silver, Bronze, and graphite.


We cooperate with partners from automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries to provide different aluminium CNC milling parts as engines, enclosures, heat-sinks and frames. We can produce great accuracy and superior surface finish parts with aluminum materials in the reason of its great mental machinability.



Gas cylinder machine manufacturer
Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

CNC Milling Plastics

Runsom can provide milling plastic service for plastic parts production, we can create more accurate plastic parts than 3D printing with our high precision milling machines.


Milling plastic is a perfect for projects with special materials, like PVC, POM, PEI or PEEK, there is virtually no way to 3D print them. But we can get block and bars of these materials to milling process. This process is also suitable for specials plastics requirement which cannot be processed by die casting or injection molding.


Like other machining processes, CNC milling begins with designers creating a digital part using CAD (Computer-aided Design) software. The file is then converted into “G-Code,” which can be recognized by a CNC mill.

CNC mills have a “worktable” and work holding device to keep a block of material — known as the “workpiece” — in place. The worktable may or may not move, depending on the style of the machine.

During the CNC milling process, the rapidly rotating cutting tool makes contact with the workpiece, cutting away material. The tool moves according to the G-Code instructions so that cuts are made in the right places until the part is finished. Some CNC mills use moving worktables to create a greater number of cutting angles.

CNC mills can cut through hard metals. This makes them more versatile than CNC routers, which are similar to 3-axis mills but less capable of penetrating hard materials.

CNC mills are different to CNC lathes or turning centers, where the workpiece rotates rather than the cutting tool.

CNC milling service is perfect for parts with high accuracy and tight tolerances in prototyping, low and high volume production. All CNC parts can be achieved by our common milling process as following:


Plain milling: surface or lab milling, utilize milling cutters with teeth on periphery cutting perform

Face milling: utilize milling cutters with teeth both on periphery and tool face, generally for flat surfaces and contours.

From milling: use form cutting tools or fly cutters for specific shapes as convex, concave cutters, irregular and cured surfaces.

Angular milling: angle milling, milling cutters are neither parallel nor perpendicular to flat surface.

Gear milling: gear creating milling.

Thread milling: around or inside thread milling, it require CNC milling machines capable of X, Y, Z simultaneous movement.

Profile milling: rough or finishes milling om vertical or slanted surfaces.

Straddle milling: single cut with two or more parallel vertical surfaces.

Runsom other milling process:  Side Milling, End Milling, Saw Milling,Helical Milling, Cam Milling, Milling Keyways, Grooves and Slot, Gang Milling.

CNC milling is used to produce may typical geometry parts with tight tolerances and high accuracy. In precision CNC milling design process, we recommend that typical CNC milling parts including complex planes, curved surfaces, shell parts, connecting rods, propellers and component housings. But consumers should notice thin walls, deep cavities and inner wall cutouts are not suitable for CNC milling process, in addition, we provide professional design considerations as following:


Avoid Sharp Internal Corners.

Avoid Narrow, Deep Slots.

Avoid flimsy shapes.

Corner radio of 10% or more of wall height is ideal.

Avoid flimsy shapes.

Practical shape in machining process, as straight edges.

weak shapes are difficult to mill, such as long thin shapes and thin walls.

Visible cutting surface pattern for cutter rotation and movement.


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