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Rons is a professional CNC company in CNC turning service, our knowledgeable team and advanced turning machines guarantee our superior service for global customers and institutions. CNC turning service (as CNC lathes service) is subtravtive manufacturing process. Our CNC turning centers complete with part catchers and bar feeders, in order to provide high speed CNC turning service for our customers.


We offer CNC turning service for medical, aerospace, automotive, electronic and EDM industries. Our turning lathes secure and rotate selected materials, while a single point cutting tool shapes the materials to produce desired components which controlled by computer program. Secured materials rotate at changing speeds and cutting tools traverse to produced cylindrical shapes with exact tolerance. We provide  designing, prototyping, low quantity and high quantity production.


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Gas cylinder machine manufacturer
Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

How CNC Turning Work

CNC turning is a precision machining process in which mental stock is held in spindle chuck and rotated while cutting tools remove material by spinning workpiece contact. Computer instructions control machinery movement to create extreme precision and repeatable CNC parts. CNC turning is different from CNC milling, in which cutters rotate and direct to stationary work-piece form multiple angles. While CNC turning rotating work-piece in a chuck, it’s generally to create round or tubular shapes, and achieving far more accurate rounded surfaces than CNC milling or other machining process.

CNC turning machines hold material blocks, which is removed to create designed shape by rotated mechanism. CNC lathe machine tooling is mounted to a turret, this component is programmed with certain movement and removes material from raw material block to desired shape. CNC turning can be used for rapid manufacture of either prototypes or end-use CNC parts. CAD file will transfer into a CNC-readable program G-code in CNC turning centers, the stock materials is rotating on metal rod, while CNC turning software control cutting tools remove materials to dictated shape. CNC turning is typically used to manufacture cylindrical-type forms in straightforward process. CNC turning can be used for rapid manufacture of either prototypes or end-use CNC parts. CNC parts can be left as- machined, or for further bead blasted and finished smooth.

Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

Our Advantage of CNC Turning

Cylindrical Parts

CNC turning centers are perfect for round or cylindrical parts production. CNC lathes can create these components rapidly, accurately and repeatably.

Process Range

Although used for parts with certain shape, CNC turning still provides various operations like drills, boring, threading and knurling.

Tight Tolerance

Runsom precision CNC turning tolerance reach to +/-0.0001’’ with stable quality, we can provide all kind of precision mechanical parts for your requirement.


Precision CNC turning is our most competitive benefits. Our turning machines will follow strict measurements and eliminate human error waste.


Our CNC turning centers are flexible for diverse applications with a rage of size capability. Our centers can equip 75-254mm diameter materials for clients requirements.

Economic benefit

Runsom lathe centers offer the most economical way to reduce material removal amount and improve CNC turning process.


Our CNC turning service provides exceptional repeatability by producing unparalleled accuracy CNC products.

Smooth finish

Our CNC turning centers can offer excellent surface finishes with high dimensional accuracy. In addition, we can provide various finishes process for your special requirement, such as standard machined, smoothed, bead blasted, anodized clear or color, anodized hard-coat, power coated, electropolished, black oxide, chromate conversion coating, brushing.y.

CNC Turning Metals

Steel turning is our key part of the CNC turning service in Runsom, but we also provide various CNC turning metals like aluminium, brass, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, bronze, titanium and nickel alloy.


CNC turning is frequently used for mechanical and aspect components, which are made from machinable steel metal. Steel parts cab be made with high strength, high accuracy and superior surface finish.

Gas cylinder machine manufacturer
Gas cylinder machine manufacturer

CNC Turning Plastics

While precision machining is typically used for metals, Rons can also provide CNC turning services for plastic parts. Materials available for CNC turning include nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK, providing more accurate parts than 3D printing.


Our CNC turning centers have bar feed with diameter of 75mm and chuck work with diameter of 254mm. We are able to provide a wide variety of CNC turning processes as following:


Hard turning- special grinding process for hardened materials.

Facing- workpiece surface or face process for large planar.

Grooving- workpiece sides or face grooves cutting process with predetermined depth.

Drilling- remove workpeice materials form its face to interior.

Boring-enlarging pre-drilled holes with a single-point tool.

Reaming-enlarging pre-drilled holes with a multi-fluted tool.

In order to optimize CNC milling design process, we provide professional design considerations as following:


Avoid flexible and weak shapes such as long thin structures.

Avoid bored holes with high depth to diameter ratio.

Consider desired surface roughness of helical feed marks.

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