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Product Introduction

Products from the four-wheel Heavy Power Spinning, the specifications are: Max Diameter for machining till 1500 mm, Max machining hodo till 6 Meters, Max axial thrust till 1500 KM, Max radial thrust till 1000 KN.  All equipment adopts SIEMENS 840d system with HLA special hydraulic servo hydraulic cylinder to drive the high frequency control module technology, and machine has High control accuracy, Large outlet thrust, excellent tool movement rigidity , and Powerful  system .

Machines are widely used in aerospace, weapon and automobile wheel hub, etc.



Model WR FFM950-2300 WR FFM1200-3500
Working piece diameter(mm) 950 1200
Working piece length(mm) 2300 3500
Machine Configuration 4-Roller 4-Roller



  • Heavy duty, three and four roller design.
  • Extremely rigid X slide units
  • Hydraulic X axes
  • Better balance in forming forces
  • The full individual CNC control and manipulation of each of the four axes
  • Dual Z axis ball-screw drives
  • Faster cycle times
  • Rugged construction
  • Massive main components
  • Oversized carriage and guideways
  • Quick tooling changeovers


Control System

  • Siemens sinumerik 840Dsl control system
  • Simple diagnostics
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Automatic recording of machine monitoring data
  • Custom programming software