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Product Introduction

The ready-cut steel tube is heated at the induction heating station—System detects that the steel tube has been heated to the pre-setting temp. , manipulator delivers the steel tube to feeding station—The feeding station pushes steel tube to the position which is set by the program in the spinning machine spindle—The spinning machine system detects the steel tube clamping signal and starts the spinning processing program automatically—Processing program ends, the spindle stops and material rejected rod delivers the finished products to receiving manipulator, at same time, the feeding station sends the new steel tube to main machine for the next processing cycle—Next processing cycle.



Model WR SPM170-1200 WR SPM232-1600 WR SPM330-2000 WR SPM430-2200 WR SPM650-15000 WR SPM950-20000
Working piece diameter(mm) 75-170 180-232 200-330 200-430 400-650 600-950
Working piece length(mm) 1200 1500 2000 2200 15000 22000




  • Made of steel, aluminum, wrapped with carbon fiber or carbon composite
  • Modern, fast, safe & flexible
  • Faster cycle times
  • Automatic loading/unloading system
  • Simplified machine operation
  • Reduced setup times and scrap



  • CNC system
  • Simplified programming, and ability to edit offline
  • Improved process control